Telemetry SDKs: Report custom telemetry data

Our Telemetry SDKs are an open source set of API client libraries that send metrics and trace data to the New Relic platform.

We offer open-source integrations for telemetry tools like Prometheus, Istio, and OpenCensus that were created using our Telemetry SDKs. If those solutions (or our other integrations) don't meet your needs, you can use the Telemetry SDKs to create your own telemetry data solutions.

Requirements and compatibility

To build with the Telemetry SDKs, you will need an Event API insert key.

New Relic has contributed the Telemetry SDK to the open source community under an Apache 2.0 license.

Available libraries

The Telemetry SDKs are open source software on GitHub. Use the language-specific GitHub links below to get library details, coding examples, and procedures for how to use the SDKs. We currently support the following libraries, with more to be created in the future:

Language Library Supported data types
Java Java library on GitHub New Relic Metrics

New Relic Traces

Node/TypeScript NodeJS library on GitHub New Relic Metrics

New Relic Traces

Python Python library on GitHub

New Relic Metrics

New Relic Events

New Relic Traces

Go Go library on Github New Relic Metrics

New Relic Traces


.NET library on GitHub

.NET package in NuGet

New Relic Metrics

New Relic Traces

For more on the supported data types:

Write your own Telemetry SDK or contribute to an existing one

If you need a Telemetry SDK in a language that does not currently exist or want to contribute to an existing library, please see the Telemetry SDK specifications.

Integrations built with the Telemetry SDKs

To see the integrations built using our Telemetry SDKs, see Open source telemetry integrations.

For all monitoring solutions, see our integrations page.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: