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Private location HMAC errors


One of your private minions is failing checks and is reporting one of these errors:

HMAC MISMATCH ERROR: HMAC mismatch between saved HMAC and calculated HMAC at job run time
HMAC MISMATCH ERROR: HMAC expected but missing from Job metadata

These errors indicate an error with verified script execution.


You will need to input the correct password for the location from which this check is failing.

To input the password:

  1. In one.newrelic.com > Synthetics, select the monitor that is failing.
  2. Go to Settings > Script.
  3. In the location password fields, submit the correct password.


New Relic does not store the private location passwords. If you don't know the password, find the person on your team that configured the private location. If it is not possible to recover the password, your only option is to create a new private location.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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