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Synthetics job manager configuration

Learn how to configure your synthetics job manager by using environment variables in your configuration.


Custom modules, permanent data storage, and user defined environment variables are not supported for the synthetics job manager at this time.

As a note, New Relic is not liable for any modifications you make to the synthetics job manager files.

Environment variables

Environmental variables allow you to fine-tune the synthetics job manager configuration to meet your specific environmental and functional needs.

Sizing considerations for Kubernetes and Docker


Docker specific sizing considerations will be available soon.

If you're working in larger environments, you may need to customize the job manager configuration to meet minimum requirements to execute synthetic monitors efficiently. Many factors can impact sizing requirements for a synthetics job manager deployment, including:

  • If all runtimes are required based on expected usage
  • The number of jobs per minute by monitor type (ping, simple or scripted browser, and scripted API)
  • Job duration, including jobs that time out at around 3 minutes
  • The number of job failures. For job failures, automatic retries are scheduled when a monitor starts to fail to provide built-in 3/3 retry logic. These additional jobs add to the throughput requirements of the synthetic job manager.

In addition to the sizing configuration settings listed below, additional synthetics job managers can be deployed with the same private location key to load balance jobs across multiple environments.

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