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Index of synthetic monitors

In our synthetic monitoring tool, the monitors index lists your synthetic monitors, and gives you a snapshot of each monitor's performance over the last 24 hours. Select a specific monitor to view a Summary page and get deeper insights about its performance. Or, filter the list to quickly compare the performance of similar monitors.

View the monitors index

To see a list of your synthetic monitors, go to one.newrelic.com > Synthetic monitoring.

Understand monitor metrics

Use the monitors index to access your monitors and view a snapshot of monitor performance. The index includes the following metrics:

  • Alert status: Indicates the status of any alerts on the monitor:
    • Green: No open incidents
    • Red: Critical incident in progress
    • Grey: No alert conditions defined with alerts
  • Monitor status: Indicates a status has been applied to the monitor, such as Mute or Disabled.
  • Success rate: The percentage of monitor checks that end in success. A multi-step monitor that does not complete all steps is considered a failure.
  • Locations failing: The number of locations that have failed during the given timeframe.
  • Period: How often the monitor checks run.
  • Monitor type: The selected monitor type.

Use index functions

The monitors index supports the following features:

If you want to...

Do this...

Sort the monitor list

Select a column label to sort the list based on that metric. Select the label again to change the sort order from ascending to descending.

Filter the monitor list

Type your keyword in the search box to filter by name, tags, or entitiy type.

Add to favorites

To favorite a monitor, select the star star icon icon. Favorite monitors appear at the top of the monitor list. To remove a monitor from your favorites, select the star icon again.

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