Import Node.js modules

In addition to the standard Synthetics WebDriverJS-based scripting environment, New Relic Synthetics supports many popular Node.js modules to enhance your scripted browsers and API tests.

Import optional modules

To import a supported module, follow the standard importing procedure for it. For example:

  • To import crypto-js, call:

    var crypto = require('crypto-js');
  • To import chai, call:

    var assert = require('chai').assert;

Supported third-party modules

Different Synthetics scripted monitor versions support different third-party modules. For information on modules supported by different monitor versions, see the monitor version comparison table.

Supported Node.js core modules

Synthetics also supports the following optional Node.js core modules:

Unsupported modules

You can use any node module in a containerised private minion. For instructions on how to configure custom modules for containerized private minions, see CPM configuration.

Unsupported modules are not guaranteed to work, and they are not covered by support.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

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