Synthetics Failures: Troubleshoot downtime


Use the Failures page to locate and troubleshoot downtime incidents or other errors. A downtime incident occurs whenever a monitor fails to completely execute. For example, a Ping monitor is "down" when the GET request fails, while a Scripted Browser monitor is "down" if any part of the script fails to execute. After locating an interesting downtime, select it to view detailed results from that downtime incident and troubleshoot.

This is a legacy feature.

View the failures page

To access your monitor's failures: Go to > (select a monitor) > Failures.

View individual downtimes

You can select individual downtime incidents to view them in more detail. Depending on the specific failure, a downtime result could include only the server error message (such as Server replied with "HTTP 500" error), or a full or partial waterfall view.

Downtime results include waterfalls when only part of a monitor executed correctly. For example, a 301 redirect could link to a failing web page. The browser correctly executes the redirect, but the destination web page returns an error. Use the error message or waterfall to troubleshoot the downtime incident.

Use page functions

The Failures page supports the following features:

If you want to... Do this...
Sort the list of downtimes In the table header, select Time or Message to sort the list. Select Time or Message again to change from ascending sort to descending sort order.
Filter by location

Select a location label to hide downtime incidents from that location. Select the location label again to unhide those results. To view results from only one location, hide every other location (for example, if you are monitoring from Washington, Ireland, and San Francisco, hide Washington and Ireland to view only results from San Francisco).

filter by location
Quickly access another monitor

In the side menu bar, select the dropdown icon. Select from the list of recent monitors, or enter a name in the Search by monitor name field to filter the recent monitor list.

switch monitors by selecting the monitor name
Change the time frame Use the time picker to adjust the number of downtime incidents returned.

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