New Relic Synthetics

New Relic Synthetics is a suite of automated, scriptable tools to monitor your websites, critical business transactions, and API endpoints. Ping monitors check that your site is up, while scripted browsers simulate real end-user activity. API tests let you ensure your backend is up too.

Synthetics uses a JavaScript-like scripting language to build advanced tests. Performance data and error screenshots let you see what went wrong when your site errors out, while integrated APM support connects Synthetics activity to transaction traces.

Synthetics monitors are available from data centers located around the world. You can even add your own private locations to monitor resources from inside your corporate firewall, or from new geographical areas.

With access to New Relic Insights, you can run in-depth queries of data from your Synthetics monitors and create custom dashboards.

The Synthetics results page gives you an overview of your monitor's performance across time. > (select a monitor) > Overview: The Overview page gives you a high-level view of your website's performance, and has shortcuts directly to slow runs and pecularities.

Introduction to Synthetics. Learn about how Synthetics can monitor your website or API.

Create a monitor. Build any type of monitor, and learn what each setting means. Then, alert on your monitor results.

Scripted browsers. Use real browsers to test your site with Synthetics' powerful scripting.

Scripted browser examples. Example scripts to get you started. Or, see the reference for all available functions.

API tests. Monitor the status of your API endpoint via GET or POST.

Private locations. How to run Synthetics monitors inside your firewall, or from new geographical locations.