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Observability implementation guide template

This is the template for Observability maturity implementation guides. To help you along, refer to:

To get your implementation guide to show up in the left nav as it should, edit ~src/nav/new-relic-solutions.yml. Don't forget to add a link to it to the Observability Maturity introduction page.


Put in a brief, executive-level overview of what this guide achieves.

Desired outcome

What's the benefit of following the steps in this implementation guide? For practitioners? For the business or the organization?

Key performance indicators

Refer to the KPI section of the service level management (SLM) guide for what this section should look like.


List any of the following that applies:

  • Reading
  • Training
  • Instrumentation
  • Configuration
  • User access needed

Stick to what's relevant (don't be exhaustive unless absolutely necessary) and include links wherever possible.

Establish the current state

If the reader needs to access a JSON file or another file type, make sure those files are available in the oma-resource-center.

Step 1

Describe the step.

Step 2

Describe the step.

Step 3

Describe the step.

Improvement process

Now that the reader knows where they stand, tell them how to improve what they're trying to improve.

Value realization

Remind the reader why they did all this work in the first place and what they'll see as a result.

Include best practices to adopt going forward so that they can continue to benefit from their hard work.

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