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Update left-navigation pane

Navigation for docs.newrelic.com is stored in YAML files located in the /src/nav/ directory. Each top-level navigation should have its own configuration file. You'll most likely edit a version of this file in your branch and merge it into the develop branch.

The configuration file

As an example, here's a snippet of the agents.yml navigation configuration. Note that the file has indentation that corresponds to the level of the navigation hierarchy. Be sure to imitate the same spacing when you make changes:

title: Agents
path: /docs/agents
- title: Manage APM agents
- title: Agent data
- title: Real time streaming
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/agent-data/real-time-streaming
- title: Custom instrumentation
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/agent-data/custom-instrumentation
- title: Agent attributes
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/agent-data/agent-attributes
- title: Custom events
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/agent-data/collect-custom-events
- title: Custom metrics
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/agent-data/collect-custom-metrics
- title: Manage errors
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/agent-data/manage-errors-apm-collect-ignore-or-mark-expected
- title: Link Kubernetes
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/agent-data/link-your-applications-kubernetes
- title: App naming
- title: Name your application
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/app-naming/name-your-application
- title: Use multiple names for an app
path: /docs/agents/manage-apm-agents/app-naming/use-multiple-names-app

Configuration file options

When you're changing the navigation, keep in mind that each node in the .yml configuration file can have the following properties:






The text that is shown in the navigation.



The URL path to the page.



Any sub-navigation nodes.

When the user goes to a page, we determine which section of the site they are on and load the appropriate .yml file to populate the sidebar navigation. The navigation for the homepage is an aggregate of all the top-level pages.


Each category has its own index.md page (list of pages for that category). When updating the navigation, you may also want to update these pages to reflect the new information architecture more correctly.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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