New Relic Servers for Docker

For the latest, most advanced host monitoring (including Docker), check out Infrastructure.

New Relic Servers for Linux includes integrated Docker monitoring features, which provide detailed insight into your running Docker containers and images. These features allow you to view connections between apps and containers, as well as between containers and servers. For installation instructions, see Enabling Servers for Docker.

Enabling Docker monitoring

For installation and configuration instructions, see Enabling Servers for Docker.

Viewing docker metrics in APM

Docker metrics are integrated into the APM Overview page for individual applications. Each row displays performance metrics specific to that container. If Servers for Linux is installed on the target server, Docker containers are labeled with a container docker-container-icon.png icon and rolled up by their host server.

APM > (selected app) > Overview: The APM Overview page lists each server on which the app is running. Apps in Docker containers are rolled up by host server when Servers for Linux is installed.

Viewing Docker metrics in Servers

For detailed analysis of your Docker container's impact on your server, use the Docker page at Servers > (selected server) > Docker:

  • Sort the list of images by CPU or Memory usage with the Sort By dropdown.
  • View summary metrics for each image, including number of containers per image, by selecting View as table.
  • Select an individual image name to drill down to charts and metrics for only that image.

Servers aggregates Docker data for all Docker images of the same type. Data is not available at the Docker container level.

Servers > (selected server) > Server > Docker: Use the Docker page to view metrics for individual Docker images, including drill-down details accessible by selecting a particular image from the list.

The Server Overview page lists other apps running on the same server. For Docker users, this includes apps running inside a Docker container on the selected server. A container docker-container-icon.png icon indicates apps running inside a Docker container.

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