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Job Manager release notesRSS

March 6
Job Manager v227

Improvements Accepts a configurable CHECK_TIMEOUT value for private locations

February 28
Job Manager v225

Improvements Updated jackson version used to 2.14.0 to remediate multiple CVEs Feature Grabs the device emulation values pulled from the job…

January 20
Job Manager v215

Improvements Adds NTLM (NT LAN Manager) proxy authentication option Fixes Accommodate use of local registries for private Synthetics Job…

January 17
Job Manager v213

Fixes Fixes a bug to allow both simple and scripted browser jobs to be recognized as browser jobs.

Job Manager v212

Improvements Added additional logging to give insight on when new runtimes are pulled for use.

Job Manager v211

Improvements Added some additional logging where our local runtime images are checked against the new images.

Job Manager v210

Improvements Adds the type of monitor being staging for execution in key logs in our system.

Job Manager v209

Fixes Reduces the amount of data pushed to SQS when running non-simple jobs.

November 10, 2022
Job Manager v208

Improvements Adds upgraded logging functionality to include exceptions when they are thrown.

Job Manager v206

Fixes Skipped querying for the instanceId if the Metadata field is disabled to avoid Server Side Request Forgery attacks that can leak…

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