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Browser agent v1071

December 4, 2017


The Browser agent, sometimes called the JavaScript agent, has multiple variants: Lite, Pro, and Pro+SPA. Unless noted otherwise, all features/improvements/bug fixes are available in all variants of the agent.

New features

  • Link JS Errors to Browser Interactions (relevant only for PRO+SPA): When a JS error occurs inside a browser interaction event, the error will now be associated with the interaction via Insights attributes.

BrowserInteraction, AjaxRequest, and BrowserTiming events will now have the following attributes: browserInteractionId, eventId, and parentEventId.

Bug fixes

  • JSONP Tracking Breaks in some versions of Safari (relevant only for PRO+SPA): Previously, the agent would cause Safari browsers to lock up when JSONP requests returned large data. The agent no longer calculates JSONP response size.

How to upgrade

To upgrade your agent to the latest version, see Upgrade the Browser agent.

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