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Browser agent release notesRSS

March 21
Browser agent v1228

Bug Fixes Fix negative offset timings Fix an issue that caused session trace offset timings to be miscalculated in the early-page lifecycle…

March 9
Browser agent v1227

New Features Add INP and long tasks reporting The interaction-to-next-paint metric is now calculated and reported at the end of user…

February 23
Browser agent v1226

New Features Enable back/forward cache Updating the agent default configuration to enable the back/forward cache feature previously released…

February 10
Browser agent v1225

New Features Gracefully abort agent if not fully instantiated When importing of agent code fails, as when content gets blocked, the agent…

February 8
Browser agent v1224

New Features Support SPA, XHR, and session trace features on Chrome for iOS Previously, the agent didn't collect SPA browser interactions…

January 27
Browser agent v1223

Support statement: New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly to ensure that you're getting the latest features and…

January 18
Browser agent v1222

New Features EXPERIMENTAL - Unblock instrumented pages from the back/forward cache (w/ feature flag) An instrumented page's back-forward…

December 15, 2022
Browser agent v1221

New Features Add infrastructure to run on web workers The agent's infrastructure will now allow for the agent to be built to run on web…

October 7, 2022
Browser agent v1220

This release is in public preview. We're slowly rolling out these features to different browser agents based on the browser's…

April 20, 2022
Browser agent v1216

Internal NR Platform release date: 04/19/2022 Production APM-injected release date: 04/20/2022 Production Standalone release date: 04/2…

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