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Capacitor agent release notesRSS

October 10
Capacitor agent v1.3.2

New in this release

We have made some updates to our system to improve its functionality. These changes include:

  • Adding support for non-text XMLHttpRequest response types for HTTP Instrumentation.
  • Fixing an issue where data was not being sent to the correct endpoint in cases where the Agent Configuration was not set up properly.
  • Upgrading the native iOS agent to version 7.4.7.
  • Upgrading the native Android agent to version 7.1.0.

These updates are intended to improve overall performance and functionality of our system. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to enhance your experience.

August 15
Capacitor agent v1.3.1

New in this release

  • Implementing HTTP Instrumentation for Angular HTTP Client
  • Integrated HTTP Instrumentation for XMLHttpRequest and Axios HTTP clients
  • Introduced support for custom attributes in the recordError method
  • Upgrade native iOS agent to v7.4.6

July 18
Capacitor agent v1.3.0

New in this release

  • Upgrade native Android agent to v7.0.0
  • AGP 8 and Capacitor 5.0 Support

June 9
Capacitor agent v1.2.1

New in this release

  • Upgrade native iOS agent to v7.4.5
  • Added FedRAMP agent configuration flag on agent start.

May 17
Capacitor agent v1.2.0

New in this release

  • Upgrade native Android Agent to v6.11.1
  • Upgrade native iOS agent to v7.4.4
  • JavaScript Errors will now be reported as handled exceptions, providing more context and stack traces in the New Relic UI.
  • Added shutdown method, providing ability to shut down the agent within the current application lifecycle during runtime.

March 24
Capacitor agent v1.1.1

Fixed in this release

  • Fixed an issue where errors would occur when developing for web-native apps.

March 17
Capacitor agent v1.1.0

New in this Release

  • Upgrade to Native Android Agent v6.10.0.
  • Upgrade to Native iOS Agent v7.4.3.
  • Added ability to configure agent settings on start.

Fixed in this Release

  • Fixed issue where large circular structures printed to console would cause out-of-memory issues on Android.

January 11
Capacitor agent v1.0.0

The Mobile agent team is proud to announce GA support for Ionic Capacitor!


  • Detect the platforms added to your Capacitor application and apply the most recent release of the relevant New Relic Android or iOS agent
  • Add post-build scripts for uploading iOS symbolication files
  • Upload Android Proguard mapping files
  • Automatically instrument mobile applications built via Capacitor
  • Capture JavaScript errors
  • Generate distributed traces
  • Tracks promise rejection (an unhandled exception in JavaScript)
  • Track warnings and errors with console logs
  • Capture interactions and their sequences
  • Track user sessions

To learn more, see our Capacitor agent documentation.

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