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Android agent v5.25.0

April 6, 2020Download

New in this release

  • Adds support for Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) version 3.6. AGP 3.6 requires version 5.25.0 of the New Relic agent. Previous agent versions are not supported with 3.6.
  • Apache HttpClient instrumentation is deprecated

Fixed in this release

  • Fix unhandled exception when closing a Cronet HttpUrlConnection on error conditions
  • Fixed OkHttp2/Retrofit crash when reading error response bodies
  • Better content length/bytes received reporting for OkHttp2 and OkHttp3

Known issues

The New Relic agent may not correctly detect the 'mapping.txt' file using Dexguard and AGP 3.6. We are looking into the issue.

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