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Android agent v5.17.0

February 7, 2018Download

New in this release

  • Added instrumentation support for Android Instant Apps The agent now detects and instruments all feature modules for an instant app. Because instant apps are typically side-loaded, users must add NewRelic.start() calls to each entry point activity in the module. We've also created a document to help integrate the agent into your Instant App. See Install the New Relic plugin for Android Instant Apps for more information.

Fixed in this release

  • Correctly restore any pre-existing unhandled exception handler when the agent shuts downs. Maintain the state of existing unhandled exception handlers when the agent returns to foreground.
  • Fixed instrumentation of abstract classes derived from Android SDK classes.
  • Fixed instrumentation failure when using certain Java 8 features, such as lambdas.
  • Updated instrumentation support for Dexguard 8 on Android Studio 3.0.
  • Enforce @SkipTrace with Android SDK-derived classes. Previously, onCreate() and onCreateView() could not be skipped from Activity, Fragment and other SDK classes.
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