Android 5.15.2

Released on: 
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 10:30

New in this release

  • The NetworkRequests feature flag is now enabled by default. The feature can still be disabled (and re-enabled) at any time if the additional MobileRequest events are not needed.
  • Added a feature flag for MobileHandledException events (FeatureFlag.HandledExceptions). Handled exception reporting is enabled by default; use this flag to globally disable the feature.

Fixed in this release

  • Crash reports are again uploaded immediately, rather than during the next scheduled harvest.
  • Correctly detects Proguard/Dexguard-enabled apps, and uploads their mapping.txt files to the symbol upload collector.
  • Restored missing instrumentation of Square Retrofit2 classes.
  • Added missing response codes from HttpURLConnection POST requests.
  • The MobileRequest event byteSent attribute has been renamed to bytesSent. Any Insights queries using byteSent must be updated to maintain accuracy.