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Android agent v3.407.0

June 12, 2014Download



  • API methods now check for bad values and throw IllegalArgumentException

    Previously, our API methods would silently discard bad data without recording errors or metrics. We've changed this behavior to be more informative by throwing an exception when bad arguments are passed.


  • Android Gradle plugin 0.10 compatibility

    Version 0.10.0 of the plugin introduced a subtle change that caused errors during build time that would produce ClassCastException errors at runtime. We’ve fixed this issue and verified we're also compatible with 0.11.

    • Improved thread safety in the API

    Some API methods exhibited race conditions under heavy utilization. These race conditions are now solved.

    • Summary metrics occasionally exhibited bad values

    You may have noticed strange numbers in your application overview chart. We've isolated the cause of these numbers and fixed the underlying issue in the agent.

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