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Kubernetes integration v3.0.0

February 3, 2022

This new version makes significant changes to the number of components that are deployed to the cluster, and introduces many new configuration options to tune the behavior to your environment. We encourage you to take a look at what's changed in full detail here.

Breaking changes


The number and format of the metrics reported by version 3 of the integration have not changed with respect to earlier versions.

  • The format of the values.yml file has changed to accommodate the newly added configuration options. Please take a look at our migration guide to see how to change your configuration.



  • Comprehensive configuration options have been added to provide fine-grain control to how the integration discovers and connects to metric providers. Remarkably:
    • Discovery options for control plane components have been improved. You can check the details on how discovery is configured here.
    • It is now possible to collect metrics from control plane components running outside of the cluster.
    • Discovery options for KSM and the kubelet have also been added.
  • The interval at which metrics are collected is now configurable.
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