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Kubernetes integration v1.25.0

July 30, 2020


Follow standard procedures to install or update the New Relic integration for Kubernetes.


  • Added: Support for OpenShift 4.4 and Kubernetes versions 1.17.X
  • Changed: Upgraded Docker base image newrelic/infrastructure-bundle to v1.4.1.
    For more information on the release please see the New Relic Infrastructure Bundle release notes.
  • Changed: When retrieving control plane metrics from the API server to generate the K8sApiServerSample, the integration now uses by default the secure port localhost:443 with the service account's bearer authentication. If the query on the secure port fails, it will fallback automatically to the non-secure one localhost:8080, this should preserve the same behavior as previous versions. If your cluster uses a different secure port to expose its metrics you can use the configuration option API_SERVER_ENDPOINT_URL to specify it.
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