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Kubernetes integration v1.23.0

June 12, 2020


Follow standard procedures to install or update the New Relic integration for Kubernetes.


  • Kubernetes 1.16 is now officially supported!
    • The minimum supported version of kube-state-metrics for this release is 1.9.5, according to the KSM compatibility matrix.
  • Added container throttling metrics to the K8sContainerSample:
    • containerCpuCfsPeriodsDelta: Delta change of elapsed enforcement period intervals.
    • containerCpuCfsThrottledPeriodsDelta: Delta change of throttled period intervals.
    • containerCpuCfsThrottledSecondsDelta: Delta change of duration the container has been throttled.
    • containerCpuCfsPeriodsTotal: Number of elapsed enforcement period intervals.
    • containerCpuCfsThrottledPeriodsTotal: Number of throttled period intervals.
    • containerCpuCfsThrottledSecondsTotal: Total time duration the container has been throttled.
  • Added container mmap byte usage metrics to the K8sContainerSample:
    • containerMemoryMappedFileBytes: Size of memory mapped files in bytes.
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