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Kubernetes integration v1.11.0

December 11, 2019


Follow standard procedures to install or update the New Relic integration for Kubernetes.


  • Added: Control Plane Monitoring: from this release on the Kubernetes integration will automatically monitor your Control Plane, showing each component and their health status in the Kubernetes Cluster Explorer. Managed Kubernetes Clusters (GKE, EKS, AKS, DO, etc) are not supported, due to technical restrictions.

  • Added: KSM can now be discovered using custom pod labels. By default we look for pods with the labels k8s-app, app or app.kubernetes.io/name with the value kube-state-metrics.
    If you want to use a custom label for the discovery, you should put the label name in the environment variable named KUBE_STATE_METRICS_POD_LABEL.

    If more than 1 pod is found with the label, it will always choose the first one based on a sorted list of IP addresses.

    # Label a specific KSM pod. Always set the value to the string "true".
    kubectl label pod kube-state-metrics newrelic-ksm=true

    Update the newrelic-infrastructure-k8s manifest to use this labeled KSM pod:

    value: newrelic-ksm
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