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Kubernetes integration v1.10.0

October 17, 2019


Follow standard procedures to install or update the New Relic integration for Kubernetes.


Added: Node labels are now retrieved from the Kubernetes API and added to the K8sNodeSample. They can now be selected in the Narrow Down Entities section of the infrastructure alerts page to filter entities when using the K8sNodeSample, and can also be used on any NRQL statement when querying the K8sNodeSample. Ex:

FROM K8sNodeSample SELECT average(cpuUsedCoreMilliseconds) WHERE `label.kubernetes.io/role` = 'master'

By default, Information retrieved from the Kubernetes API is cached for 5 minutes. The cache time can be changed with the API_SERVER_CACHE_TTL environment variable.

Changed: The integration now uses the Infrastructure Agent v1.5.51. For more information, please refer to the infrastructure agent release notes between versions v1.5.31 and v1.5.51.

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