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Infrastructure agent v1.9.7

February 10, 2020


A new version of the agent has been released. Follow standard procedures to update your Infrastructure agent.

Bug fixes

  • Updated bundled nri-docker integration version to v1.1.1.
    • This version fixes missing Docker container metrics improving Linux cgroup path detection. This issue happened when cgroup was not mounted in the standard path /sys/fs/cgroup. Now it can discover different cgroup paths.
    • Still cgroup PIDs (process and thread count) is not available on Kernel versions lower than 4.3 see support. Therefore column threadCount won't be available for these systems. For instance Amazon-Linux v1 runs on kernel 4.13.
  • Fixed permissions to /tmp/nri-integrations directory while updating the agent from root mode to privileged or unprivileged mode.
  • Fixed issue when running in Kubernetes where an integration configuration change provided by ConfigMap wouldn't be picked up by the agent, breaking the hot config reload feature for integrations.
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