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Infrastructure agent v1.13.1

November 9, 2020


A new version of the agent has been released. Follow standard procedures to update the Infrastructure agent.


  • #155 The Infrastructure agent now handles entities' registration errors the following way (Infrastructure SDK v4 protocol):
    • For request errors:
      • Connectivity failure or limit exceeded (429 or 503 status codes) will trigger a retry with an exponential backoff with a maximum backoff of 1 minute.
      • Other types of errors (including bad payload format) will be logged, and data will be discarded.
    • For successful requests (200 status code) containing:
      • Errors: The agent will discard related data.
      • Warnings will be logged.
  • #156 The Infrastructure agent entity registration now batches requests with a maximum of 1000 entities and payloads of 1Mb per call.
  • #123 The embedded telemetry API now splits DM submission by number of entities following requested driven contract limitations. For more informations on the limits, see our docs



  • #203 NFS invalid stats fix.
  • #188 Prometheus summary type calculated as delta value to properly allow average calculation in NRQL.
  • #167 Container processes now correctly filtered as host processes when Process Monitoring is enabled and "include_matching_metrics" rules are defined. For more information about enabling process monitoring and filtering processes, see our documentation.
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