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Infrastructure agent v1.10.30

March 10, 2020


A new version of the agent has been released. Follow standard procedures to update your Infrastructure agent.


  • Improved auto discovery of ports:
    • If a container exposes ports 80 and 443, then ${discovery.port} or ${discovery.ports.0} would equal to port 80 and ${discovery.ports.1} to 443. As ports are are sorted in ascending order, port 8080 would have been assigned to number three and so on.
    • Ports are also tagged by port type (usually TCP): ${discovery.ports.tcp} and ${discovery.ports.tcp.0} would equal to 80 and ${discovery.ports.tcp.1} to 443.

Bug fixes

  • On Windows, the agent can now report processes even when their command line cannot be gathered. The commandLine attribute will be empty in those cases.
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