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Label collection for Google Cloud integrations

March 29, 2019


  • New Relic now collects labels for Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Functions services. They join BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Cloud Storage integrations, which were collecting labels already. With the appropriate permissions, you'll be able to use the following metadata to narrow down queries, dashboards, and alerts related to Google Cloud resources:
    • Labels for Functions.
    • Labels for SQL databases.
    • Labels for Kubernetes clusters, which are propagated to nodes, pods and containers. If you'd like entity specific labels to be collected, you can use the Kubernetes integration.
    • Labels and tags for Compute Engine virtual machines, and labels for disks. Tags are treated as a regular label with value true.
  • Additionally, Inventory for Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Functions has been enhanced with new attributes and restructured, so it's easier to find the metadata that belongs to each entity.
  • The aforementioned improvements might cause an unexpected volume of Entity modified events, as Inventory will be updated with the new data.
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