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Google Compute Engine monitoring integration

All New Relic Infrastructure accounts, regardless of subscription level, can use New Relic's Compute Engine integration to get a comprehensive, real-time view of their host's performance and status.

New Relic Infrastructure's integration with Google Compute Engine reports metadata about instances (virtual machines) hosted on Google's infrastructure. You can monitor and alert on your GCP instances data from New Relic Infrastructure, and you can create custom queries and chart dashboards in New Relic Insights.

Activate integration

To enable the integration follow standard procedures to connect your GCP service to New Relic Infrastructure.


You must install the Infrastructure agent on each GCE host to see metrics from that host. Connecting your Google Cloud projects allows Infrastructure to access GCE metadata, such as region, type, and tags.

Polling frequency

New Relic Infrastructure integrations query your GCP services according to a polling interval, which varies depending on the integration. The polling interval for the Google Compute Engine integration is 5 minutes.

Find and use data

After activating the integration and waiting a few minutes (based on the polling frequency), data will appear in the New Relic UI. To find and use your data, including links to your dashboards and alert settings, go to one.newrelic.com > Infrastructure > GCP > (select an integration).

Metric data

Metric data that New Relic receives from your GCP Compute Engine integration include:





Delta count of incoming bytes dropped by the firewall.


Delta count of incoming packets dropped by the firewall.


Total number of cores reserved on the host of the instance.





Delta count of bytes in throttled read operations.


Delta count of throttled read operations.


Delta count of bytes in throttled write operations.


Delta count of throttled write operations.

Inventory data

Inventory data is information about the status or configuration of a service or host. You can examine inventory data in New Relic Infrastructure and in New Relic Insights.

The Google Compute Engine integration reports configuration information and labels for virtual machines and disks through the properties listed below.

Virtual machine tags are treated as labels that take the value true.


  • automaticRestart
  • canIpForward
  • cpuPlatform
  • creationTimestamp
  • deletionProtection
  • description
  • instanceId
  • isPreemptible
  • label.*
  • machineType
  • metadataFingerprint
  • name
  • networkInterfaces
  • onHostMaintenance
  • project
  • status
  • networkTags
  • zone


  • creationTimestamp
  • description
  • diskId
  • encrypted
  • instanceId
  • instanceName
  • label.*
  • lastAttachTimestamp
  • lastDetachTimestamp
  • licenses
  • name
  • project
  • replicaZones
  • sizeGb
  • sourceImage
  • sourceImageId
  • sourceSnapshot
  • sourceSnapshotId
  • status
  • type
  • users
  • zone

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