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Fixes and optimizations

February 20, 2019


  • The AWS EMR integration has been optimized to reduce the number of API calls that are made to collect data for terminated clusters, while ensuring that the latest metrics and inventory attribute values will be reported.

  • The AWS Route 53 integration has been optimized to reduce the number of calls to the AWS API that are needed to fetch hosted zone data. It's just one call per 100 hosted zones now, while an additional call per hosted zone was made before.

  • In the AWS RDS integration, the inventory attribute allocatedStorageBytes has been added to the RDS instance metric events, so now it's possible to calculate free storage percentage with an NRDB query:

    SELECT min(provider.freeStorageSpaceBytes.Minimum * 100 / provider.allocatedStorageBytes) FROM DatastoreSample where provider = 'RdsDbInstance' FACET displayName TIMESERIES AUTO

Bug fixes

  • When creating an Integrations alert condition through the user interface, some data sources were wrong or missing in the list:
  • In the AWS VPC integration, the value of the provider attribute for PrivateNetworkSample events, was fixed from VpcEnpoint to VpcEndpoint.
  • For the AWS API Gateway integration, the Count metric aggregate, which provides the number of calls to API methods, has been changed from Sum to Sample Count. This change requires that you manually update all the alert conditions and custom Insights dashboards that involve the deprecated Sum metric.
    • To update an alert condition, use New Relic Infrastructure Alerts UI or API and edit the metric that defines the threshold for the ApiGatewayApi data source. If you use the UI, please replace Provider - Count - Sum with Provider - Count - Sample Count. If you use the API, please replace provider.count.Sum with provider.count.SampleCount.
    • To update an Insights dashboard, use New Relic Insights UI or API and edit the chart queries that involve the provider.count.Sum to replace it with provider.count.SampleCount.
    • In particular, if you enabled AWS API Gateway monitoring before December 2018, New Relic might have created a "AWS API Gateway (APIs)" dashboard automatically. This dashboard contains the "Total Calls compare with 1 hour ago" chart, which involves the provider.count.Sum metric that needs to be replaced.
    • Please note that the default dashboards shown under New Relic Infrastructure have already been updated.
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