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Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v1.9.29

May 18, 2020

New Checks

  • Base/Env/Azure it checks if the customer is running Diagnostics on an Azure environment
  • Node/Env/NPMPackage collects package.json and package-lock.json for the customer's app
  • Node/Requirements/ProblematicModules will declare incompatible modules such as babel and Mongoose to let the customer know they may run into "missing data" issues


  • Base/Log/Copy now collects log files specified in New Relic config files
  • Base/Config/AppName now correctly parses arrays of applications names
  • Base/Config/Collect no longer collects config files found in /node_modules
  • PHP/Daemon/Running changed payload
  • Base/Log/ReportingTo payload now only includes log files containing reporting to lines. Also sanitizes RPM urls sent in responses from the NR collector
  • Java/JVM/Version has been renamed to Java/Env/Version
  • Java/JVM/Version now supports HotSpot/OpenJDK 14
  • DotNet/Requirements/DotnetTarget as been renamed to DotNet/Env/TargetVersion
  • Base/Env/DotNetCoreVersions has been renamed to DotNetCore/Env/Versions
  • Base/Env/DotnetVersions has been renamed to DotNet/Env/Versions
  • Infra/Agent/Connect now performs a connection check to the collector endpoint for the detected region
  • Fixed bug in Windows where NR Diag would incorrectly flag valid task suites, as invalid
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