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Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v1.7.27

February 3, 2020

New Feature

  • Task Suites
    • Collection of tasks that target a specific NR Product or issue
    • Example usage for java agent: ./nrdiag --suites java
    • Read more here!


  • Improve error messaging when there is an issue uploading support ticket attachments
  • Improve detection and usage of proxies configured for installed New Relic products
  • Always collect latest New Relic log file, regardless of file age
  • Detected Node.js application NPM packages are now visible nrdiag-output.json
  • Fixed bug where Infra/Log/Collect would report "Success" when no New Relic Infrastructure log file path was configured
  • Improve messaging when New Relic configuration files are not detected on system
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