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Ruby agent v8.13.0

November 15, 2022Download


Version 8.13.0 of the agent updates our Rack, Redis, and Sidekiq instrumentation. It also delivers some bugfixes.

  • Support for Redis v5.0

    Redis v5.0 restructures where some of our instrumented methods are located and how they are named. It also introduces a new instrumentation middleware API. This API is used for pipelined and multi calls to maintain reporting parity with previous Redis versions. However, it is introduced later in the chain, so you may see errors that used to appear at the segment level on the transaction instead. The agent's behavior when used with older supported Redis versions will remain unaffected. PR#1611

  • Support for Sidekiq v7.0

    Sidekiq v7.0 removed Delayed Extensions and began offering client and server middleware classes to inherit from. The agent's Sidekiq instrumentation has been updated accordingly. The agent's behavior when used with older Sidekiq versions will remain unaffected. PR#1615 NOTE: an issue was discovered with Sidekiq v7.0+ and addressed by Ruby agent v8.13.1. If you are using Sidekiq, please skip Ruby agent v8.13.0 and use v8.13.1 or above.

  • Support for Rack v3.0: Rack::Builder#new accepting a block

    Via rack/rack#1942 (released with Rack v3.0), Rack::Builder#run now optionally accepts a block instead of an app argument. The agent's instrumentation has been updated to support the use of a block with Rack::Builder#run. PR#1600

  • Bugfix: Correctly identify Unicorn, Rainbows and FastCGI with Rack v3.0

    Unicorn, Rainbows, or FastCGI web applications using Rack v3.0 may previously have had the "dispatcher" value incorrectly reported as "Webrick" instead of "Unicorn", "Rainbows", or "FastCGI". This issue has now been addressed. PR#1585

  • Bugfix: add_method_tracer fails to record code level metric attributes on private methods

    When using add_method_tracer on a private method, the agent was unable to record code level metrics for the method. This resulted in the following being logged to the newrelic_agent.log file.

    WARN : Unable to determine source code info for 'Example', method 'private_method' - NameError: undefined method 'private_method' for class '#<Class:Example\>'

    Thank you @jdelStrother for bringing this issue to our attention and suggesting a fix! PR#1593

  • Bugfix: Category is a required keyword arg for NewRelic::Agent::Tracer.in_transaction

    When support for Ruby 2.0 was dropped in version 8.0.0 of the agent, the agent API methods were updated to use the required keyword argument feature built into Ruby, rather than manually raising ArgumentErrors. The API method NewRelic::Agent::Tracer.in_transaction removed the ArgumentError raised by the agent, but did not update the method arguments to identify :category as a required keyword argument. This is now resolved. Thank you @tatzsuzuki for bringing this to our attention. PR#1587

Support statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the Ruby agent regularly and at a minimum of every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is

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