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Ruby agent v6.11.0

June 3, 2020Download

New Relic Ruby Agent Release Notes


  • Infinite Tracing

    This release adds support for Infinite Tracing. Infinite Tracing observes 100% of your distributed traces and provides visualizations for the most actionable data. With Infinite Tracing, you get examples of errors and long-running traces so you can better diagnose and troubleshoot your systems.

    Configure your agent to send traces to a trace observer in New Relic Edge. View distributed traces through New Relic’s UI. There is no need to install a collector on your network.

    Infinite Tracing is currently available on a sign-up basis. If you would like to participate, please contact your sales representative.

  • Bugfix: Cross Application Tracing (CAT) adds a missing field to response

    Previously, the CAT header was missing a reserved field that would lead to an error in the Go Agent's processing of incoming headers from the Ruby Agent. This fix adds that missing field to the headers.

  • Bugfix: Environment Report now supports Rails >= 6.1

    The API changed for how database connections are accessed in Rails versions starting with 6.1 to support multiple database feature. The Environment report was enhanced to use the Rails >= 6.1 API with fallback to old API when that fails.

    Thanks to Sébastien Dubois (sedubois) for reporting this issue and contribution!

  • Bugfix: Eliminate warnings appearing when using add_method_tracer with Ruby 2.7

    Previously, using add_method_tracer with Ruby 2.7 to trace a method that included keyword arguments resulted in warning messages: warning: Using the last argument as keyword parameters is deprecated; maybe ** should be added to the call. These messages no longer appear.

    Thanks to Harm de Wit and Atsuo Fukaya for reporting the issue!

  • Added distributed tracing to Sidekiq jobs

    Thanks to andreaseger for the contribution!

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