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Ruby agent v5.7.0.350

January 14, 2019Download


  • Ruby 2.6 support

    We have tested the agent with the official release of Ruby 2.6.0 made on December 25, 2018.

  • Support for loading Sequel core standalone

    The agent will now enable Sequel instrumentation when an application loads Sequel's core standalone, which does not use the Sequel:Model class. Thanks to Vasily Kolesnikov for the contribution!

  • Grape 1.2 support

    With agent versions 5.6 and earlier, Grape 1.2 apps reported their transactions under the name Proc#call instead of the name of the API endpoint. Starting with agent version 5.7, all existing versions of Grape will report the correct transaction name. Thanks to Masato Ohba for the contribution!

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