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Ruby agent v3.7.0.177

December 5, 2013


The end-of-life date for this agent version is July 29, 2019. To update to the latest agent version, see Update the agent. For more information, see End-of-life policy.


  • Official Rubinius support (for Rubinius >= 2.2.1)

    We're happy to say that all known issues with the Ruby agent running on Rubinius have been resolved as of Rubinius version 2.2.1! See New Relic on Rubinius for the most up-to-date status.

  • RUM injection updates

    The Ruby agent's code for both automatic and manual injection of Real User Monitoring scripts has been improved. No application changes are required, but the new injection logic is simpler, faster, more robust, and paves the way for future improvements to Real User Monitoring.

  • More robust communication with New Relic

    Failures when transmitting data to New Relic could cause data to be held over unnecessarily to a later harvest. This has been improved both to handle errors more robustly and consistently, and to send data as soon as possible.

  • Fix for agent not restarting on server-side config changes

    A bug in 3.6.9 caused the agent to not reset correctly after server-side config changes. New settings would not be received without a full process restart. This has been fixed.

  • Adding rake spec tasks to your deny list

    A deny list helps the agent avoid starting during rake tasks. Some default RSpec tasks were missing. Thanks for the contribution Kohei Hasegawa!

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