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Ruby agent v3.14.3.313

February 9, 2016Download


  • Don't inadvertently send sensitive information from DataMapper SQLErrors

    DataObjects::SQLError captures the SQL query, and when using versions of data_objects prior to 0.10.8, built a URI attribute that contained the database connection password. The :query attribute now respects the obfuscation level set for slow SQL traces and splices out any password parameters to the URI when sending up traced errors to New Relic.

  • Improved SQL obfuscation algorithm

    To help standardize SQL obfuscation across New Relic language agents, we've improved the algorithm used and added more test cases.

  • Configurable longer sql_id attribute on slow SQL traces

    The sql_id attribute on slow SQL traces is used to aggregate normalized queries together. Previously, these IDs would generally be 9-10 digits long, due to a backend restriction. If slow_sql.use_longer_sql_id is set to true, these IDs will now be 18-19 digits long.

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