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Ruby agent v3.13.1.300

September 21, 2015Download


  • Don't use a pager when running git log command

    This would cause Capistrano deploys to hang when a large number of commits were being deployed. Thanks to John Naegle for reporting and fixing this issue!

  • Official support for JRuby

    The Ruby agent is now officially fully tested and supported on JRuby

  • Instrumentation for MongoDB 2.1.x

    Visibility in your MongoDB queries returns when using version 2.1.0 of the Mongo driver or newer. Thanks to Durran Jordan of MongoDB for contributing the Mongo Monitoring instrumentation!

  • Fix for ArgumentError "invalid byte sequence in UTF-8"

    This would come up when trying to parse out the operation from a database query containing characters that would trigger a invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 error. Thanks to Mario Izquierdo for reporting this issue!

  • Improved database metric names for ActiveRecord::Calculations queries

    Aggregate metrics recorded for queries made via the ActiveRecord::Calculations module (#count, #sum, #max, etc.) will now be associated with the correct model name, rather than being counted as generic 'select' operations.

  • Allow at_exit handlers to be installed for Rubinius

    Rubinius can support the at_exit block used by install_exit_handler. Thanks to Aidan Coyle for reporting and fixing this issue!

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