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Python agent v9.1.0

September 25, 2023Download


This release of the Python agent adds support for sklearn and redis.asyncio connections.

Install the agent using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or download it directly from the New Relic download site.

New features

  • Add support for sklearn The Python agent now supports monitoring for machine learning models created with sklearn. Check out our documentation for details on how to view and query for your prediction events and ML related metrics directly in the New Relic user interface. Machine learning instrumentation will be disabled by default in this release. To enable it, visit our configuration page for further information. This release also introduces two new APIs to support customization of machine learning monitoring: wrap_mlmodel and record_ml_event.

  • Add instrumentation for redis.asyncio.Connection Add instrumentation support for connections initiated from the redis.asyncio module

Support statement

We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If you can't upgrade to the latest version, update your agents to a version no more than 90 days old. Read more about keeping agents up to date.

See the New Relic Python agent EOL policy for information about agent releases and support dates.

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