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Python agent v8.2.1

October 10, 2022Download


This release of the Python agent provides numerous bug fixes, including several community contributions, provides updates to Sanic instrumentation, Protobuf v4 compatiblity, and updates internal packages for Python 3.11 support.

Install the agent using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or download it directly from the New Relic download site.

Version numbering change

The version number of the agent did not previously follow Semantic Versioning properly. This has been changed. Going forward build numbers have been removed from the version number, and version increments will follow semantic versioning fully. No retroactive changes will be made to previous version numbers.

Instrumentation updates

  • Update Sanic middleware support

    Sanic recently changed their APIs surrounding middleware, and instrumentation has been updated to support it.

Package updates

  • Update wrapt to v1.14.1

    The internal copy of the wrapt library used by the agent has been updated to v1.14.1 for Python 3.11 compatibility.

  • Add support for Protobuf v4

    The agent is now fully compatible with Protobuf v4 when using Infinite Tracing. Backwards compatibility with Protobuf v3 has been preserved.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a RuntimeError in the trace cache when using the coroutine profiler

    A RuntimeError occurred if traces were started or stopped while the coroutine profiler was sampling the active traces. This should no longer be possible.

    Thank you @lovmat for your contribution!

  • Fix an issue with case sensitivity in record-deploy

    Previously application names were incorrectly being treated as case-sensitive when running newrelic-admin record-deploy.

    Thank you @michalborkowski96 for your contribution!

  • Fix an issue with newer installers failing to install the agent

    Due to the inclusion of both scripts and entry_points configuration options, the agent would fail to install with newer installers. This has been corrected and newer PEP compliant installers should have no trouble installing the agent.

    Thank you @admp-fh for your contribution!

  • Fix instrumentation for aioredis interfering with transactions

    The agent does not currently support transactions for Redis clients, and previous instrumentation broke transaction functionality in AioRedis. This has been fixed to provide no instrumentation within transactions at this time.

  • Fix a crash when completing various kinds of traces inside a stopped transaction

    Previously certain types of traces could throw exceptions and fail to complete when inside stopped transactions. This has been corrected and should no longer be possible.

  • Fix a bug where instrumentation caused certain arguments to confluent-kafka producers to stop working

    Previously callback and on_delivery arguments were passed through improperly leading to them not working as expected.

Support statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is More information can be found in the EOL Policy Page.

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