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Python agent v7.12.0.176

June 9, 2022Download


This release of the Python agent adds APM logs in context. Additionally this release fixes issues in Starlette and gRPC version compatibility, renames whitelist settings, and removes unwanted error logs.

Install the agent using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or download it directly from the New Relic download site.

New features

  • Add APM logs in context

    A quick way to view logs no matter where you are in the platform.

    To learn more, see the documentation about APM logs in context.

    • Add support for logging metrics

      Logging metrics show the rate of log messages by severity in the logs chart in the APM Summary view. This is enabled by default in this release.

    • Add support for forwarding application logs to New Relic

      This automatically sends application logs that have been enriched to power APM logs in context. This is disabled by default in this release. This will be on by default in a future release. For more information, see our documentation about logs in context for Python.

    • Add support for enriching application logs written to disk or standard out

      This can be used with another log forwarder to power APM logs in context if in-agent log forwarding is not desired. We recommend enabling either log forwarding or local log decorating, but not both features. This is disabled by default in this release.


  • Rename Whitelist Setting to Allowlist

    The setting strip_exception_messages.whitelist has been renamed to the more modern name strip_exception_messages.allowlist. The original setting will continue to function but issue a deprecation warning.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incompatibility with gRPC v4

    Previously a crash was possible in the agent when gRPC v4 was installed when not using the infinite tracing feature. This has been corrected and the agent can safely be used with gRPC v4.

  • Fix Starlette v0.19.1+ instrumentation

    • A crash in CustomRoutes in Starlette v0.19.1 has been addressed and fixed.
    • Starlette v0.20.1 reorganized important files which were then uninstrumented. This has been fixed.
  • Fix unhelpful error messages appearing outside of debug logs

    Error messages related to context propagation have been demoted to debug logs to avoid unwanted and unhelpful messages appearing in logs.

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