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Python agent v2.68.0.50

July 19, 2016Download


This release of the Python agent is a bug fix release that addresses several recently reported issues.

The agent can be installed using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or can be downloaded directly from our download site.

Bug Fixes

  • WebSocket requests could cause application errors

    When an application is using gevent-websocket to serve a mixture of WSGI and WebSocket endpoints, it is possible for WebSocket requests to interfere with the instrumentation of non-WebSocket requests, and cause application errors. While a fix for this has been added to the 'gevent-websocket` main branch, that fix has not been released to PyPI yet. To address the problem now, the Python agent explicitly ignores WebSocket requests.

  • Disabling browser monitoring inadvertently disabled other features

    Disabling browser monitoring had the unintended effect of disabling certain other Response-related features of the agent. Specifically, the response.status attribute was not recorded, and the Cross Application Tracing headers were not added to the HTTP headers of the outgoing response. With this release, those features now work when using the configuration setting of browser.monitoring.enabled = False.

  • Calling a Celery task within another task could cause a RuntimeError

    The Python agent would throw a RuntimeError('transaction already active') when instrumenting a Celery task that performed the following combination of actions:

    1. Utilized the agent API to end the transaction early (end_of_transaction), or to ignore the transaction altogether (ignore_transaction).
    2. After ending or ignoring the transaction, called another Celery task that would run synchronously.

    This scenario, which most commonly occurs when taking advantage of Celery Workflows to compose multiple tasks together, will no longer result in a RuntimeError.

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