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Node.js agent v8.11.0

May 11, 2022Download


  • Added application logging for Winston in the Node.js agent

    • Ability to forward logs, send log metrics, and perform local log decoration

    • Added application log aggregator to collect logs with adaptive sampling and appropriate max samples stored.

    • Added application_logging configuration and env vars with appropriate defaults.

    • Added application_logging.enabled configuration value, defaulting to true.

    • Set application_logging.forwarding.enabled to false when High-security mode (HSM) is set.

    • Enabled log forwarding by default in the example config.

    • Added sent, seen, and dropped metrics that collected on every harvest cycle around log lines.

    • Added supportability metrics for some popular logging frameworks.

    • Added supportability metrics to record if the logging features are enabled.

    • Added a storage mechanism to transactions to keep logs until transaction ends.

  • Removed distributed tracing setting from example config.
  • Fixed a typo in lib/instrumentation/core/child_process.js.

    Thanks to Eito Katagiri (@eitoball) for the contribution.

  • Support automatic instrumentation of Redis v4.
  • Bumped moment from v2.29.1 to v2.29.2.
  • Bumped tap to v16.x.
  • Updated ansi-regex to resolve a dev dependency audit warning.
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