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Node.js agent v6.14.0

October 28, 2020Download


  • Fixed issue where gRPC connection used for infinite tracing could throw if the server shutdown during disconnect of an existing connection.
  • Fixed bug where errors would still be collected for transactions with ignored error status codes in certain situations.


  • Added Node 14 to CI test coverage.

    Many thanks to @jgeurts for the contribution.

  • Bumped @grpc/grpc-js to 1.1.7.

  • Bumped @grpc/proto-loader to ^0.5.5.

  • Updated README for consistency.

  • Converted errors ignore unit tests to tap API.

  • Infinite tracing logging and support metric improvements.

    • Increased logging level of certain infinite tracing / gRPC errors.
    • Decreased logging interval of dropped span warning for infinite tracing.
    • Added additional support metrics and logging for infinite tracing.
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