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Node.js agent v6.14.0

October 28, 2020Download


We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If your organization has established practices that prevent you from upgrading to the latest version, ensure that your agents are regularly updated to a version at most 90 days old. Read more about keeping your agent up to date.


  • Fixed issue where gRPC connection used for infinite tracing could throw if the server shutdown during disconnect of an existing connection.
  • Fixed bug where errors would still be collected for transactions with ignored error status codes in certain situations.


  • Added Node 14 to CI test coverage.

    Many thanks to @jgeurts for the contribution.

  • Bumped @grpc/grpc-js to 1.1.7.

  • Bumped @grpc/proto-loader to ^0.5.5.

  • Updated README for consistency.

  • Converted errors ignore unit tests to tap API.

  • Infinite tracing logging and support metric improvements.

    • Increased logging level of certain infinite tracing / gRPC errors.
    • Decreased logging interval of dropped span warning for infinite tracing.
    • Added additional support metrics and logging for infinite tracing.
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