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Node.js agent v5.13.0

October 1, 2019Download

New Features

  • Support for Real Time Streaming

    • Event data is now sent to New Relic every five seconds, instead of every minute. As a result, transaction, error, and custom events will now be available in New Relic One and Insights dashboards in near real time. For more information on how to view your events with a five-second refresh, see the real time streaming documentation.
    • Note that the overall limits on how many events can be sent per minute have not changed. Also, span events, metrics, and trace data is unaffected, and will still be sent every minute.
  • Now supports Restify 7 and 8.

  • Distributed Tracing is now enabled by default in serverless mode.

  • HTTPS connections to New Relic now use a keep alive HTTP-Agent.


  • Maximum event limits are now enforced by the server. This includes a new maximum of 10000 transaction events per minute.
  • Harvesting is now completed by individually scheduled harvesters per data type.
  • Drops old odd-numbered node versions that are no longer supported by node from travis testing matrix
  • Updated Mocha and Docker links in CONTRIBUTING.md.


  • Bumps tap version to move beyond handlebars audit warning.
  • Bumps Restify dev dependency past audit warning.
  • Fixed bug where segment reference on the outbound request was enumerable.
  • Fixed bug where incorrect config information was sent to New Relic.
  • The agent will now end/serialize transactions in the event of an uncaught exception while operating in serverless mode.
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