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Node.js agent v5.0.0

January 8, 2019


  • Dropped support for Node versions less than 6.

  • Agent no longer creates transactions when in a stopped, stopping or errored state.

  • Removed public API methods that have been deprecated since Agent v2: createTracer, createWebTransaction, createBackgroundTransaction, and addCustomParameter/(s). See the Migration Guide for more information.

  • Flagged API#setIgnoreTransaction as deprecated; TransactionHandle#ignore should be used instead.

  • Released several feature flags. These flags are no longer used:

    • feature_flag.custom_instrumentation
    • feature_flag.custom_metrics
    • feature_flag.synthetics
    • feature_flag.native_metrics
  • Added plugins.native_metrics.enabled configuration value.

    This configuration value controls the use of the @newrelic/native-metrics module. When set to false the agent will not attempt to load that module.

  • Custom metrics recorded via recordMetric and incrementMetric API calls now automatically have the name prepended with 'Custom/'. Usages of these APIs that manually prepend with 'Custom/' will need to remove the manually specified one or will end up with metrics prepended with 'Custom/Custom/'.

  • Dropped support for node-cassandra-cql.

  • Removed from ignore_server_configuration config setting.

  • Removed deprecated configuration settings capture_params and ignored_params.

  • The agent will no longer cause a stack overflow when logging at trace level to stdout.

    Previously, the agent would inadvertently trigger a trace level log from its trace level log (through wrapping a nextTick call), causing a stack overflow. The agent now detects this case and aborts the nested call.

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