Node Agent 1.37.1 - Superseded

Released on: 
Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 14:59


This release has been re-published to npm as 1.37.2. Please use version 1.37.2 or higher.


  • Agent now wraps emit on http request/response objects instead of relying on listeners.

  • Improved documentation for newrelic.noticeError() and ignore_status_codes configuration.

    The documentation now makes it clear that errors recorded using noticeError() do not obey the ignore_status_codes configuration value.

  • Removed unused yakaa dependency.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in normalization rules when replacements do not maintain initial /.

  • Better de-duplication of errors when the same error instance is used multiple times.

  • Server-side naming rules are now applied even when user defined ones have matched.

  • Errors reported outside of a transaction now include their stack trace on the error analytics page.

  • A potential stack overflow in trace serialization has been removed.

  • Fixed an issue with our Express and domain instrumentation related to a loss of transaction state that could result in incorrect transaction names, traces, and events.

  • Nested background transactions now report the correct number of metrics.