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Node.js agent v1.30.0

August 25, 2016Download

New features

  • A number of improvements and fixes to transaction naming rules.

    Added attributes terminate_chain, replace_all, and precedence to allow more control over how naming rules are executed. Please see the updated documentation in our README file.

    The order in which naming rules are executed can now be reversed with a feature flag reverse_naming_rules.

    When applying naming rules, the regular expression matching is now case insensitive.

    We have added a tool for testing naming rules. When the agent is installed, the tool can be run in terminal by executing node node_modules/.bin/newrelic-naming-rules.

    We have also improved our trace logging around transaction naming.


  • Added trace logging to track number of transactions and segments in progress, and to better track segments created with the Express instrumentation.
  • Fixed mysql2 tests that were not being run correctly.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with reporting errors from domains.

    When an error is handled by using the error event of the domain, it is no longer reported as an uncaught exception.

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