.NET Agent

Released on: 
Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 17:00

New Features

  • Additional Transaction Information applied to Span Events When Distributed Tracing and/or Infinite Tracing are enabled, the Agent will now incorporate additional information from the Transaction Event on to the root Span Event of the transaction. The following items are affected:

    1. Request Parameters request.parameter.*
    2. Custom Attribute Values applied to the Transaction via API Calls AddCustomParameter and ITransaction.AddCustomAttribute.
    3. request.uri
    4. response.status 5 host.displayName
  • Security Recommendation Review your Transaction Attributes configuration. Any attribute include or exclude settings specific to Transaction Events, should be applied to your Span Attributes configuration or your Global Attributes configuration.


  • Fixes issue where updating custom instrumentation while application is running could cause application to crash.