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.NET agent v6.8.172.0

March 2, 2017

New Features

  • With this release, the agent reports error analytic events. The event type is called TransactionError, and it powers the Error Analytics in APM feature. The error events are also available through New Relic Insights.
  • For applications with high volume, low latency characteristics, performance has been improved resulting in lower agent overhead and greater application throughput.
  • Performance improvements, related to the capturing of slow transaction traces, have been made to the agent which should result in less CPU overhead.


  • A bug was fixed which could cause the agent to shut down immediately at startup if a specific network error was encountered. The agent would then not restart until the application was restarted. The agent now retries network connection attempts indefinitely at startup until success is achieved, in all cases.


  • For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade the .NET agent.
  • If you are upgrading from a particularly old agent, see Upgrading legacy .NET agents for a list of major changes to the .NET agent.
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